Ingrid Langtry

August 1st, 2014 — Lovers


When we first opened Ladro over 10 years ago, we were accustomed to believing that imported French and Italian mineral waters were superior… if it was continental, it must be the best! We soon discovered this was an utter myth. We seriously have the best mineral water in the world and it’s on our proverbial doorstep, so why on earth would we buy imported bottles of water sent from half way across the world? It makes no sense on a sustainability, economic or flavour and quality level. We have been buying waters from Brylie and Mitch for ourselves and for our customers pretty much since they first started.

We don’t really view the Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. as a traditional brand… it’s a family business that is really passionate about their product… kinda like us; we’re like-minded folk. They are community minded, environmentally conscious and a bit kooky… collaboration is not a scary word to them… evident when they let us borrow their keg bike, unlicensed, in the Greville Village to give away their mineral water to the thirsty masses.

Their Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is a pretty awesome mineral water, second to none. We are huge fans of the keg system for our mineral water in our restaurants. No bottles. No waste. Sustainable and with a damn fine bead! It fits well with our sustainability policy, alongside the other initiatives we have implemented like a closed loop bio-composter, rooftop bees, eco-keg wine etc.

Water. You can’t live without it, so it may as well be the best.