The Team: Ronnae Henry

May 22nd, 2017 — DHMSCo News

"I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy." – Tom Waits (Ronnae's favourite quote). 

And that's why we hired him....! Ronnae has been on the road sharing the good word about Daylesford & Hepburn for close to three-and-a-half years now as our reputable sales rep. Still retaining his Canadian twang, Ronnae these days is all parts Aussie and lives in bayside Melbourne with his wife Emma, kids Jada-lee and Jai plus Bronson, the chocolate lab.

Did you know that Ronnae has a killer set of pipes? And, hang on, is that a onesie?!  We have the evidence!... That's some uptown funk right there! Dizzy Spell, the band, circa 1994. Ronnae was kind of a big deal way back then as a lead singer and songwriter. Signing autographs and everything.

These days, he keeps it on the down-low with some solo car karaoke to the likes of Steely Dan ("the main songwriter Donald Fagen is the master of tongue in cheek lyrics and metaphors")  and A Tribe Called Quest ("the originators of that genre of hip hop that combines rap and jazz"). 

Ronnae is a nature fan and loves nothing better than a camping escape to Bright with the fam, and some road biking on his (bike geek alert) 2017 Cervelo S5 with Sram Red Etap group set. And he doesn't mind a bit of crazy. Like, bungee jumping off a 300-foot bridge kind of crazy. He loves the nature around Daylesford too, and right now in Autumn it's looking incredible. Come Winter, the nearby Trentham Falls take his breath away. 

His favourite in the Daylesford & Hepburn range is one of our newest arrivals - the Australian Native Finger Lime, "because of the balance of flavours and it's not too sweet."

Spirit animals - c'mon, we all have one - and Ronnae reckons his is the Wolf. A quick google and you'll learn that the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, teamwork and awareness of the importance of social connections. It all makes sense now - it's why Ronnae loves / is so good at / will never miss the opportunity for - a chat.