The Team: Tristan Bandayrel

January 25th, 2018 — DHMSCo News

“Who Dares, Wins" - British SAS motto (and Tristan’s personal one)

This motto may stem from the five years he spent in the Army, but there are just some things that Tristan, one of our super sales staffers, doesn’t dare do. During his lifetime, Tristan has endured three knee operations (a result of his junior basketball days); the last one involving the insertion of four screws. They’re still in there, as he can’t face another operation to get them out. But, having admitted to eating a Balut - which absolutely classifies as hardcore daring - we reckon he's earned back his daring credits.

Tristan has been making us all pretty envious in the office, having recently returned from a bucket list trip with his partner Emma and some close mates, island-hopping in the Philippines. Sun, sand, surf, sailing the Big Lagoon, eating, and drinking his body weight in San Miguel. Whatever.

Tristan hails from humble beginnings, and clearly remembers being a kid in the 90s when his dad, out-of-work at the time, bought him a pair of Nike Hardaways for $250 - a whole whack of money back then. Three cheers for crazy, loving parents. That selfless consideration is a trait that’s certainly been handed down to our Mr T, and it’s one of the things we all love about him.

When it comes to a bit of downtime, Tristan loves nothing better than heading to the Daylesford Cider Co. to chill and enjoy some local ciders over a few rounds of Giant Jenga. And he’s thinking of taking up golf (so daring). His favourite drink in our range is our Chinotto – served as cold as you can get it, with a squeeze of fresh lemon.