ChillOut 2018

February 27th, 2018 — Events

ChillOut Festival transforms our region into the LGBTQI capital of Australia and oh-my-goodness this year there is so much to celebrate! On from 8th-12th March, 2018 is a special year as the Festival celebrate's its 21st birthday -  take a look at the full program of events. This year not only will we be serving up the veritable hit of the 2017 Festival - our Carnival Day Slushies! - but we'll also be a part of the Parade (both on Sunday March 11). 

CARNIVAL PARADE, Sun Mar 11, 10:00am-11:00am

We'll be rolling out our Danish Christiania three-wheeler and taking it for a spin down Vincent Street for the annual Carnival Parade, enjoying the view and ensuring parade-goers are suitably quenched.

CHILLOUT CARNIVAL, Sun Mar 11, 11:00am-7:00pm

The ChillOut theme this year is ‘Out & Proud’ and we're embracing this by celebrating some legendary LGBTQI's. Get a taste of:

Ruby Rose: Vodka, our Blood Orange & our Spring Water (our version of a Cosmopolitan)

Madga: Vodka, our Pink Grapefruit & our Spring Water (our version of a Punch Bowl) 

Elton: Vodka, our Pineapple Juice, our Spring Water & Melon (our version of a Pearl Harbour)

Ellen: Tequila, our Sparkling Lemon & our Spring Water (our version of a Margarita)

Lilly and LolaAnimus Gin, our Organic Tonic & our Spring Water (our version of a Gin & Tonic).