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March 15th, 2018 — Products

13 things we love about you (we’re looking at you, our Sparkling Mineral Water).

1. It’s sparkling MINERAL water. Not sparkling tap water (water that’s artificially bubbled with no intrinsic health benefits). There’s a big difference.

2. It’s bottled locally. Sourced just 100kms outside of Melbourne. No need to fall for the imported stuff.

3. But it’s on par with the world’s best. The water in our region measures 2.5 grams of dissolved mineral salts in every litre of water, on a quality par with water found at some of Europe’s most venerated mineral spas. 

4. The preferred water by health professionals and athletes. We’ve lost count of the number of dieticians, naturopaths and sports professionals that call us to get their hands on our water. They seek it out due to it’s stellar mineral composition, which they believe is the best on the market (see points 9, 10, 11, 12).

5. The hospo experts can determine the difference. In a blind tasting by hospitality and taste experts of six premium mineral waters from around the world, 19 out of 20 participants preferred the water from Daylesford & Hepburn. Win!

6. We are the custodians of an exclusive and protected license. Our responsibilities are high to ensure the integrity of the water from our spring is maintained, with an exclusive license to source from a singular spring. Our spring is protected by a government-enforced Environmental Overlay; legislation which places rigorous control and regulation on the use of the land and its surrounds in order to maintain its pristineness.

7. Water that’s so, so pure. Our spring is located on the top of the Great Dividing Range, the biggest mountain range in Australia with a high annual rainfall of over 1000ml. Due to the elevation of the area, it is a beautiful, pure, natural environment, with no pollutants harming the integrity of the water.

8. Minimal intervention (no carbon filtering). Our water is bottled just as nature intended. We use minimal intervention to get it from ground into glass, and do not use carbon filtering (the chemical adsorption of contaminants and impurities) like many mineral water brands on the market. The water is naturally carbonated; a unique part of it's journey to the earth's surface.

9. High in all the right minerals for overall health and wellbeing. The higher the mineral content, the more distinct a water’s taste, and the better it is for you. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is related to the purity of the water. Dissolved solids come from organic sources such as leaves and silt or from inorganic materials such as rocks and air.  Higher TDS waters have a heavier taste and a much more prominent mouth-feel. Lower TDS waters have virtually no taste, and possess an airy or light mouth-feel. Regulations regarding the acceptable TDS level vary throughout the world, but 1000 parts per million (ppm) is considered a benchmark, and our mineral water is one of the closest to this ideal at 1000ppm.

10. High in bicarbonate to maintain pH levels. Bicarbonate is an essential element that plays a major role in all body fluids and organs to balance the pH levels in the human body. It aids digestion and helps to reduce muscular fatigue. People who live in areas of the world with high amounts of bicarbonate in their drinking water have a striking decreased mortality rate and a decreased prevalence of disease. Our mineral water possesses one of the highest levels of naturally occurring bicarbonate (755 ppm), the reason it’s sought-out by professional athletes and health practitioners.

11. Magnesium – not found in run-of-the-mill water. Maintaining optimal magnesium levels is an absolute requirement for good health; essentially, humans cannot survive without it. The older you are, the more likely magnesium depletion is to develop, and experts have even argued that some typical signs of ageing — loss of muscle mass, rising blood pressure and diminished nervous system function—can be partly attributed to magnesium deficiency. Due to filtration and purification techniques, most tap and bottled water is devoid of this critical mineral. Drinking magnesium-rich mineral water is one easy way to optimise your daily magnesium intake. Our water possesses one the highest amounts of magnesium content – one 750ml bottle contains 20% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of magnesium (75 ppm).

12. It’s got seven other essential minerals as well. It’s got potassium (essential for the correct functioning of all cells and nervous tissue and great for the brain and nervous system); sodium (to maintain the balance of water in the body); iron (aids the body in delivering oxygen through red blood cells); calcium (vital for the growth and functioning of bones and minerals); chloride (for healthy skin, hair and glands); sulphate and silica (natural cleansing agents that help purify the liver and strengthen bones, teeth and skin).

13. Available in three sizes. Big (750ml), Medium (500ml), Small (300ml). One for every occasion. ;-)