New ownership!

August 14th, 2018 — DHMSCo News

Following a successful and amicable buyout from co-founding partner Mitch Watson, Brylie Rankine is now the sole Director of Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

Mitch and Brylie started the business together 12 years ago, and this announcement marks a new chapter for the business. Brylie is keen to expand the current range of drinks, comprising mineral waters, juices, organics - and the recently launched kombucha range - into new and exciting markets, and in particular, to craft drinks that are both healthy and unique.

A passion for everything local first sparked the desire to start bottling the local mineral water. There was a distinct lack of local water in the cafes and restaurants in the region. During her time in hospitality, Brylie was often asked why cafes were serving imported mineral water; a very good question given we are based in the mineral water capital of Australia. 

The business was started on a $5,000 credit card and a drive to see the mineral water from our region enjoyed locally and across the country and the world. In 2018, the business comprises a team of twelve staff and a range of over 30 products, supplying more than 3,000 cafes, restaurants and specialty retailers throughout Australia, as well as exporting to countries across Asia. 

A core remit from the beginning was to create a sustainable business that is highly respectful of the environment and community. This ethos has been applied to all aspects of the business from day one, and Brylie will maintain this philosophy, which has anchored the brand, and earned it respect and trust - so that it endures for many years to come. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries regarding this announcement - and many thanks for everyone's ongoing support!