Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 750ml

Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 750ml

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  • #<Block::String:0x000055cbc596b928> Natural Australian Mineral water
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The original. Naturally effervescent local mineral water from our spring located in the “Mineral Water Capital of Australia”.

Ingredients: 100% local natural Mineral Water. Natural CO2 added.

Typical Analysis (mg/l)
Bicarbonate HCO3 755
Calcium Ca2+ 90
Magnesium Mg2+ 75
Silicate Sio2 70
Sodium Na+ 70
Chloride Cl- 30
Potassium K+ 4,5
Sulphate SO42- 2,3
Iron Fe 0,04
Nitrate NO3 0,03
pH at the source   6,5

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