Still Natural Spring Water 750ml

Still Natural Spring Water 750ml

  • #<Block::String:0x000055c21971fa58> Natural spring water from our spring
  • #<Block::String:0x000055c21971df50> No additives, low in sodium
  • #<Block::String:0x000055c21971da28> *Free delivery Australia wide*

Our still spring water derives its exceptional qualities from the clarity of its source, Victoria’s Central Highlands spa district. Pure and free from any additives, our water is soft in its balance of minerals and low in sodium.

Ingredients: 100% local natural spring water.

Typical Analysis (mg/l)
Potassium K+ 10
Magnesium Mg2+ 7
Sodium Na+ 7,8
Chloride Cl- 4
Calcium Ca2+ 1,6
Iron Fe 0,05
Nitrate NO3 0,03
pH at the source   6,3

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